ice|break|er «YS BRAY kuhr», noun.
1. a strong boat used to break a channel through ice; iceboat: »

An atomic-powered icebreaker [makes] possible much broader explorations of polar regions (Wall Street Journal).

2. a structure for protection against moving ice, such as an ice apron: »

The supporting columns…had to be designed to work as icebreakers (Wall Street Journal).

3. a tool or machine for breaking ice into small pieces.
4. Figurative. something that breaks the ice; anything that serves to stimulate or enliven conversation, a social gathering, or other meeting or discussion: »

Salesmen use an icebreaker in the form of a large lapel button (Wall Street Journal).

[American English < ice + breaker1. Compare Dutch ijsbreker.]

Useful english dictionary. 2012.

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